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Board & Staff


The Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention (ACIP), formerly the Atlantic Network for Injury Prevention (ANIP), was first established in 2000. With representation from each of the four Atlantic Provinces, ACIP works to link individuals and organizations working to prevent and reduce the impact of injuries in Atlantic Canada.

La Collaboration atlantique pour la prévention des blessures (CAPB), appelée auparavant Atlantic Network for Injury Prevention (réseau atlantique pour la prévention des blessures), a été initialement établie en l’an 2000. Composée de représentants de chacune des quatre provinces de l’Atlantique, la CAPB s’efforce de mettre en liaison les individus et les organisations qui travaillent à la prévention des blessures et à la réduction de leur impact au Canada atlantique.

Board Members/Membres du Conseil d’administration  

The ACIP Leadership Team is a diverse mix of government, non-government, and community based organizations. The Leadership Team meets three times per year and is responsible for the governance of ACIP. Members of the Leadership Team include:

L’équipe de direction de la CAPB est composée de divers représentants d’organismes gouvernementaux, d’organismes non gouvernementaux et d’organismes communautaires. L’équipe de direction se réunit trois fois par an et est chargée de gérer la CAPB. Les membres de l’équipe de direction sont les suivants:

2021/2022 ACIP Board

Jackie Norman, Safety Services Nova Scotia
Laura Lee Noonan, Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness
Richard Louis, New Brunswick Trauma Program


Members at Large
Jeannette Byrne, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Linda Carter, Newfoundland and Labrador Injury Prevention Coalition
Suzanne Clair, Government of New Brunswick
Krista Durand, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness
Len LeRiche, Safety NL
Steve MacDonald, Atlantic Workers' Compensation Organizations
Michelle Murray, Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Health and Community Services
Sandra Newton, Child Safety Link, IWK Health Centre
Dan Steeves, Injury Free Nova Scotia 
Bill Walker, Safety Services New Brunswick
Ian Watson, New Brunswick Trauma Program

Executive Director/Directrice exécutive 

ACIP’s Executive Director, Jennifer Russell, began working with ACIP in September 2014. Her background is in health promotion and public health. She has worked in the field of injury prevention in a professional and in a volunteer capacity for several years. Jennifer is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.