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ACIP recent news consists of ACIP's Friday Café Meetings which occur every second Friday. See ACIP Calendar for exact dates for these meetings. 

You will also find our Monthly Newsletters on this page.
Our news page also includes 
Podcasts surrounding injury prevention that ACIP's board members have been involved with.  
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Monthly Newsletters
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 January 2024                               
 February 2024

Friday Café Meetings with Atlantic Collaborative on Injury
When? Biweekly, on Friday's from 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Where? Microsoft Teams

See Contents for Previous Meeting infographics
 1. Introduction to ACIP Friday Café's  2. November 24th Meeting Theme  
 3. December 8th Meeting Theme   4. January 5th Meeting Theme  
 5. January 19th Meeting Theme   6. February 2nd Meeting Theme  
 7. February 16th Meeting Theme 8. March 1st Meeting Theme



1. Safety Services New Brunswick has created a Health and Safety Podcast. 
This Podcast is found HERE or on Apple Music, or Spotify. 

Our Board Chair, Dr. Richard Louis led an episode in November 2023, titled "The leading causes of Injury in New Brunswick" which can be found HERE

Upcoming Events

ACIP Board Meeting
Wed Mar 06 @11:30AM

ACIP Friday Cafe Meetings
Fri Mar 15 @10:00AM

Poison Prevention Week
Sun Mar 17

ACIP Friday Cafe Meetings
Fri Mar 29 @10:00AM

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